From initial concept, prototyping, tooling, to thermoforming and vacuum forming, Die-Vac Plastics delivers turnkey solutions!

gallery4At Die-Vac Plastics we are equipped with a skilled team composed of talented professionals that are devoted to customer satisfaction and cutting edge packaging technology. For twenty-five years we have been producing creative, safe, durable and ingenious custom solutions that deliver protection, functionality and eye-catching packaging for a multitude of products and for a variety of industries.

Our Engineering design and tooling department provide top-notch design development, sample prototyping and production tooling all in-house, which result in shorter lead times, competitive pricing and consistent quality in all of our packaging options.

In addition, our facility is equipped with state of the art technology as well as CAD modeling software that enables us to fabricate innovative and precise designs that our customers can conveniently and easily approve before production takes place.

Our staff is involved from beginning to end in the creation and development of each of our customers’ projects, and we monitor each of the stages of our process very closely. As a result, we are in full control of the quality of our products and we provide unmatched turnaround no matter how simple or complex an order may be.

At Die-Vac we take the time to learn about our customers’ needs, requirements and objectives in order to custom engineer, design and fabricate solutions that will ensure their satisfaction on a consistent basis.

We look forward to becoming your trusted partner and to creating the packaging that will make your product succeed!

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