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Clamshell Packaging

At Die-Vac we offer clamshell-packaging services including hinged clamshells, 2 piece clamshells and standup trifold

When higher end visual packaging solutions are required, we offer clamshell packaging as an option for your product. PVC, PETG or RPET are common materials for this application. We can provide experienced orientation as to which is the most convenient material depending on your specific needs.

We are experienced providing hinged clamshells for general retail applications and 2 piece interlocking solutions when size or special applications demand it.

Tri-fold Clamshells provide your package the alternative of self-standing and they are ideal for counter top or display applications.

Self-locking features are usually added to all our clamshells, to provide you with solutions that can be used without the need for expensive sealing equipment.

Tooling expense for clamshells can be greatly reduced by using our house owned, insert family molds. We invite you to contact us and ask us about this option when considering great quality and yet affordable clamshell packaging!!!!

In case your markets demands we can provide you with complete clamshell fulfillment and ultra sonic welding sealing services.

Short runs and prototype projects are always welcome.