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Contract Packaging

At Die-Vac we design and manufacture packaging solutions that are beyond our customers’ expectations!

Die-Vac Plastics is a fully integrated and flexible packaging manufacturer that provides a full range of services to customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, beauty, hardware, auto, marine, aerospace and electronics field as well as in the retail industry.

Our profound knowledge of design and production techniques brings expertise and flexibility to projects across a broad spectrum of product ranges and we deliver packaging solutions from beginning to end in both small and large volumes.

Our team of skilled designers and dedicated engineers has been fabricating packaging for over two decades, producing one of a kind options designed to protect, store and better showcase our customers’ products and to give them the ultimate competitive edge.

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions, our company also offers full contract packaging services, where our customers can conveniently bring their existing product so we can thermoform a clamshell, blister or tray, insert the corresponding artwork, seal it and send the final product to its desired destination.

Our innovative designs coupled with skilled engineering, manufacturing capabilities, and our convenient contract packaging options have made us the supplier of choice for industries that require originality, precision, expert advice and attention to detail.

We are committed to providing cutting edge technology, creativity, and technical support, but most importantly, through our ingenious packaging we seek to help our customers establish their products and gain brand recognition in the markets they target.